Unlimited Scan data

Only your hard disk sets your limits: import any number of scans.



BIMmNavigator is BIMmTool’s integrated viewer, displaying terrestrial scans in a dedicated palette showing the bubble view of structured scans in full resolution. Use your mouse to pan and zoom in all directions exceptionally fluidly.


70+ Easy2Model Functions

Modeling with point clouds has never been easier. Use BIMmTool to build your model with the help of the scans. Use the native Archicad tools and combine their features with BIMmTool’s exact point recognition, measure, and model functions to generate the building components with unprecedented productivity.


Adjustable Resolution

Avoid overloading Archicad: BIMmTool’s point cloud import manager assists you in defining the point cloud density in Archicad. An appropriate point cloud density dramatically influences the time needed for the import, the navigation in Archicad, and the calculation of derivatives.



The new Orthophoto function generates horizontal and vertical orthophotos from the imported point clouds directly in Archicad. It does not matter whether the point clouds are structured or unstructured, and the calculation time is three times shorter than earlier. It adapts the workflow to the regular Archicad working methods, making the modeling work extremely easy and transparent. In addition to displaying in color or grayscale, you can also generate high-resolution orthophoto representations, e.g., for monument protection. The calculation always uses the scans or point clouds placed on visible layers. Arrange your layers to create views using only the exterior scans. Once ready, you can import the orthophotos into the desired Archicad window using the Connect menu or create a new worksheet or section/elevation window.


Delta Analysis

A delta analysis is the colored representation of deviations of the point cloud to a given plane, horizontally or vertically. It is an excellent new tool for inspecting existing buildings for deformations and drawing conclusions for modeling. Structural engineers, architects, and craftsmen can use it to assess the condition of the load-bearing structure visually and, for example, floor irregularities very quickly. It is also ideal for comparing the actual state of a construction site with the designed model. The generation and calculation of the delta analysis are identical to orthophotos and can also be stored at the desired location in Archicad via the Connect menu.


Point Cloud Clipping Box

Use the new clipping box to cut and trim point clouds imported via the BIMmTool in Archicad: drag the clipping box onto the desired area of the point cloud that you want to cut out or trim. You can now hide or delete the point cloud inside or outside the box. Use it to remove scatter or mirror effects from the point cloud, remove a building in a house row, hide the furnishings in a room, etc. The clipping box also facilitates the creation of a new point cloud, like that of a doorway, a historical window, or statue. You may also consider using it to show the surroundings of your project. The new point cloud objects are always calculated in full resolution and can contain further data or parameters. Consequently, you can display these details in a higher resolution, even combine them with the original point cloud.

optional Module

Ivion Integration

Munich-based NavVis GmbH has brought a game-changer to the market with its VLX mobile laser scanner. The new device combines the best of both worlds: mobile scanning and terrestrial scanning. With breathtaking fast surveying of up to 20,000 m2 per day, it delivers high distance accuracy and 360° panoramic images in HD with the point cloud. It makes it extremely easy to measure (and therefore to model) in the panoramas. The point clouds scanned with the VLX are processed in the online software IVION and, if necessary, positioned with georeferenced points. BIMmTool’s IVION integration can access this data, and BIMmTool displays the panoramas and automatically generated floor plan overviews directly. Click any point in its panoramas and turn them into a model in Archicad using BIMmTool’s Easy-to-Model functions. Download the point cloud as E57 from IVION and import it via the BIMmTool Pro version to generate orthophotos and delta analyses and place them in Archicad for an even faster and safer workflow. The IVION integration is a separate module to your BIMmTool Connect or BIMmTool Pro version.