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  • 12 April 2023 | 

    3 Min reading time

    Philippe Stern runs Axiadessin, an independent drawing office in Bulle (FR), Switzerland. He has completed over 70 projects with BIMmTool and now recounts how BIMmTool helped him in a challenging historic heritage building project.

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BIMmTool is simply necessary for Archicad to process large point clouds.

As an Archicad dealer, it is important to ensure that customers receive usable basics for their planning tasks in the inventory. – This is only possible with the solutions from BIMm.

Alfred Hagenauer, A-NULL

BIMmTool is a unique Archicad add-on for working with point clouds. It offers smart and rich options to save a lot of time when modeling point clouds.

Ling-Xu Monsuwé, Kubus

With BIMmTool I can import point clouds of any size into Archicad. It also allows me to process detailed scans and quickly create complex Archicad 3D models that delight my clients.

Andreas Raab, RA-Plan GmbH

With BIMmTool, you can always measure details in the point cloud that you sometimes don’t pay attention to at first. You get a good insight into the project, even if you haven’t been on site yet.

Shirin Unterberger, BM-WERNER GmbH

BIMmTool has changed the way I survey by making me faster and, most importantly, more accurate. I no longer need to go to the construction site, because the point cloud view is quite sufficient to visualize the building.

Philippe Stern, Axiadessin