BIMm Solutions is delighted to announce the newest edition of BIMmTool!
Beyond the compatibility with Archicad 26, this new release further improves the productivity of working with point clouds in Archicad.

The previous version, BIMmTool 25, marked the cornerstone of generating high-quality BIM models out of point clouds without leaving Archicad. It imported any size of E57 scan data, regardless of whether terrestrial or mobile scanners captured these. BIMmTool streamlined the import, directly charging Archicad with a thinned point cloud volume, while BIMmNavigator’s panorama view displayed them in full resolution.

More flexible point cloud import and storage

The newest developments enhance access to the scan data:
Import the complete point cloud into Archicad without overloading its library and select the point cloud density to display in various views in Archicad’s Model view options dialog!
BIMmTool will generate the Point Cloud Library folder for Archicad, containing only the scanner position objects and a Point Cloud Data folder during the import.

Archicad will only have to deal with the elements in the library folder, and BIMmTool will take care of managing the heavy point cloud data.

Working on a shared project

Do you share the project with other team members? Say goodbye to the tedious up- and downloads: this new version is right there to support you!
Initiate the project and the point cloud import on your company server or cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) and allow instant access to other team members.

Please, note:
This solution is not a substitute for having the project components you work with stored on your local computer, requiring the necessary hard disk space. You’ll still need to ensure that the project and the data synchronize with your local hard drive. In other words, when setting up the project folder, please, make it available offline.

Virtual Panorama

BIMmTool Pro features now include the possibility to create a dedicated panorama from a selected point cloud segment. It assures a significant productivity gain when working with unstructured point clouds.

Activate the Trim point cloud function and define the bounding box around the points you wish to display in a new panorama view. Remember to review all clipping box dimensions and select “Create new Panorama” in the Clipping Palette to save your selection. This command will transform the box’s content into a point cloud scene linked to its virtual camera position. Click here for more details.

Place the virtual panorama object, display its content in the BIMmNavigator and enjoy modeling based on the virtual panorama from an unstructured point cloud!

IVION Integration

Point clouds scanned with NavVis’s VLX or M6 scanners are processed in the IVION online platform. If necessary, you can position them with georeferenced points. BIMmTool’s IVION integration can access this data as an optional module sold separately. Select the IVION command from the BIMmTool menu, which directly displays the panoramas and automatic floor plan overviews. Click any point in its scenes, the way you do with structured point clouds in the BIMmNavigator, and pick the measurements for a model in Archicad using BIMmTool’s Easy-to-Model functions. If you desire further control, you can download the point cloud as E57 from IVION and import it as an unstructured point cloud. Generate orthophotos and delta analyses to control your modeling workflow completely.

BIMmTool is a fully integrated Archicad add-on for reading, analyzing, and navigating point clouds for generating high-quality BIM models. BIMmTool integrates into the Archicad interface and ensures a hassle-free workflow in modeling from scans, adopting Archicad’s working method and toolset. BIMmTool is available on Mac and Windows operating systems.