“One more thing…”


In 2020, Apple introduced the latest generation of Apple silicon processors that will replace Intel processors in Mac computers. Since this first release, the 2021 and 2022 Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models are shipping with M1 or M2 chips. You can read more details about the evolution here.

The significant improvements of these new generation Apple Chips now open the possibilities for Users of BIMmTool, too. 

Following Graphisoft announced the gradual introduction of the M1/M2 compatible Archicad 26 versions at the turn of the year, BIMm Solutions has also recently published the corresponding edition of BIMmTool.

Please note: 

Similarly to Archicad 26, the BIMmTool Apple Silicon version differs from the regular BIMmTool edition. It runs exclusively with the Silicon version of Archicad 26.

Please hit the radio button corresponding to your configuration when downloading BIMmTool.

Please, read Graphisoft’s communication to discover more about the native Apple Silicon Archicad 26 version‘s characteristics and compatibility.